Victim of being talented!


You may be struggling,

But keep declaring,




A thought often afloat in my mind, " am I a victim of being talented ?"

Anything I attempt to accomplish in my life doesn't come without any problem.

However, not every person is fortunate to such an extent that whatever they wish for in life get that without any problem. Everybody has their own account of the battle.

Have you ever wondered why this happens again and again?

Each time we go for a task we have to invest some additional amounts of energy to finish it. In spite of those additional endeavours, we don't arrive there.

Is it accurate to say that we are bound to breakdown?

The appropriate response is "No" we are not bound to flop however we are bound to battle.

We are picked warriors of God. We tend to set examples for the world.

The greater part of us has been encountering a few difficulties in life all through our lifetime. Be it passing in the family, medical issues, work issues, personal problems and a few others, these sorts of problems can influence each and all of us. Individuals are not in any manner invulnerable with the agony that problems and loads bring and more often than not, issues bring us stress and would cause us upset or to feel down. We frequently feel that the weight of the Earth is on our shoulders, we become discouraged, vexed, weak or disheartened.

A large portion of us consider issues to be a hindrance in our lives yet we should know that they are favours that were given to us by God. Life will be garbage if we don't have high points and low points. We are given issues for us to be more grounded, for our abilities to be honed.

We ought to consistently recall, issues are simply issues and we have a bigger God than the entirety of the problems that we have throughout everyday life. Turn your problems into a gift that will make you more grounded and a superior individual.

It doesn't make a difference what your identity is, in the event that you have a dream and assurance to accomplish that vision, you will absolutely do as such.


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