PPP - Positive Perspective & Pandemic

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
                                                     Dr Wayne Dyer

We all are familiar with lots of well known common perspectives like the glass is half full or half empty; when one door closes, another one opens.

The awful thing about the perspective is that perspectives are often influenced by the herd mentality.

One must choose your own perspective rather than influenced by herd mentality.

When you choose a positive perspective, it gives you the mindset and motivation to make positive changes. You won’t let negative excuses hold you back from being your very best. You stop blaming other people or bad luck and start focusing on thoughts, attitudes, and achievement.

When someone with a negative perspective encounters challenges, they ask, “Why me?” and find problems. A person with a positive perspective faces challenges and asks, “What can I do to overcome this?” and they find solutions.

It’s easy to get locked into a certain way of thinking about your life or of thinking about specific events that happen to you. The thing is, we often have a degree of choice in how we see the world.

There are different tricks that can be helpful for taking on a new perspective. For example, you can try looking for the hidden benefits of bad situations or the things you can learn from failures. If you have something, in particular, you’re feeling down about, you can try putting it in a wider context – you might realize it’s not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

If we talk about the current pandemic crisis which we all are facing across the world, a large number of us seeing it similarly as a risky sickness while others are considering it to be a chance to make the earth clean, some others are stating that economic crisis looming. It's all about one's own perspective however, here are some common perspectives that we can pursue :

For example,

We can't visit our friends because of the pandemic, we should happy we get to spend more quality time with our family.

If you are feeling regret about not helping others in this crisis, staying home itself is a great help to others, by virtue of doing so, you are reducing chances of getting infected or infecting others.

In the event that you are fit, you are sparing nations clinical assets, those assets will be useful for the individuals who are in desperate need.

Staying home itself is a great way to make sure that we have a decent possibility of winning against our invisible foe.

A positive perspective is all about being optimistic. When nothing is going your way, be optimistic and go with the flow.

Life isn’t just about doing; it’s also about being.


  1. Bht sahi likha hai bhai.... Simple and short way me ekdm point wali baat kar di.... Modi ji khush ho jaenge k chalo koi to samjhdar hai------- Manish mathur

  2. sahi likha hai sirji. we should be always positive in any situation.

  3. Awesome... it's truly required to look perspective as per the situation...


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