The thing which gives you the opportunity to become perfectionist is IMPERFECTION.

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring".
                                                      Marilyn Monroe

Success is one of the parameters of being perfectionist, and when someone achieves success, to a certain extent they might lose their thrive to achieve something more. Success could land you to your comfort zone.
This is a tough one because perfectionist doesn't want to hear any answer that " don't paint them as perfect".

Nothing is ever perfect. Perfection could seize any scope for improvement.

On the other hand imperfection, failure could be harsh. We all have had our failure, imperfection, defects in our personalities. They are inevitable and indelible aspects of life.

Failure and imperfection could generate a sense of inadequacy, inferiority, and low self-esteem. Failures are never forgotten, no matter how hard one tries to forget them and they remain as ungainly scars on our psyche.

These wounds might never heal. They can be obtrusive and can distort the complexion of our personality.

Can we not assimilate, incorporate, integrate our failures, and imperfections of our personality to make ourselves better and beautiful.

Imperfection too can be aesthetic if accompanied by pride and dignity. The crack of failure and imperfection need to be sealed with a special glue of acceptance mixed with a shimmer of dignity and self-belief.
We need to harmonize our imperfection and failure with endearing modesty.

This path is the way to a beautiful journey of the imperfect towards I-m-perfect.


  1. Imperfect is really I'm perfect. It sucks when people don't use punctuations and insert the appropriate space.


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