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Victim of being talented!

You may be struggling, But keep declaring, I AM BLESSED I AM FAVOURED I AM LOVED
A thought often afloat in my mind, " am I a victim of being talented ?"Anything I attempt to accomplish in my life doesn't come without any problem. However, not every person is fortunate to such an extent that whatever they wish for in life get that without any problem. Everybody has their own account of the battle. Have you ever wondered why this happens again and again?Each time we go for a task we have to invest some additional amounts of energy to finish it. In spite of those additional endeavours, we don't arrive there. Is it accurate to say that we are bound to breakdown? The appropriate response is "No" we are not bound to flop however we are bound to battle. We are picked warriors of God. We tend to set examples for the world.The greater part of us has been encountering a few difficulties in life all through our lifetime. Be it passing in the family, medical issues, work is…

PPP - Positive Perspective & Pandemic

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
                                                     Dr Wayne Dyer We all are familiar with lots of well known common perspectives like the glass is half full or half empty; when one door closes, another one opens.The awful thing about the perspective is that perspectives are often influenced by the herd mentality.One must choose your own perspective rather than influenced by herd mentality.When you choose a positive perspective, it gives you the mindset and motivation to make positive changes. You won’t let negative excuses hold you back from being your very best. You stop blaming other people or bad luck and start focusing on thoughts, attitudes, and achievement.When someone with a negative perspective encounters challenges, they ask, “Why me?” and find problems. A person with a positive perspective faces challenges and asks, “What can I do to overcome this?” and they find solutions.It’s easy to get lo…


The thing which gives you theopportunity to become perfectionist is IMPERFECTION. sd

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring". Marilyn Monroe

Success is one of the parameters of being perfectionist, and when someone achieves success, to a certain extent they might lose their thrive to achieve something more. Success could land you to your comfort zone. This is atough one because perfectionist doesn't want to hear any answer that " don't paint them as perfect".
Nothing is ever perfect. Perfection could seize any scope for improvement.
On the other hand imperfection, failure could be harsh. We all have had our failure, imperfection, defects in our personalities. They are inevitable and indelible aspects of life.
Failure and imperfection could generate a sense of inadequacy, inferiority, and low self-esteem. Failures are never forgotten, no matter how hard one tries to forget them and the…