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The world within

The prosperity of the outer world relies upon the consideration of the inner world.                                                                             S.D. We live in two worlds, the outer world and the inner world. We spend most of our life in making our outer world better. In the outer world, we always try to create our own identity. With our every movement we try to make our outer world more glamorous. We all are so obsessed with our outer world that we let the outer world dictates our all activities. The outer world keeps us so occupied that the inner world remains largely unknown. But it is the inner world that dictates our all activities, our behaviour, our happiness and sorrow. Whenever we face failure in our outer world, we typically end up broken, but it's not failure which causes that broken feeling, it's all because of our dormant inner world. Our inner world needs nourishment from time to time. To nourish our inner world is