I write for myself

Ordinarily, a couple of inquiries consistently float around me like for what reason did I start writing the blog?

I have been asked such a significant number of time to whom you are writing for? For a newspaper or for a magazine or you are a freelancer. How much money do you earn from your blog?

For what reason should I write for others when I am so enthusiastic about the world inside my mind.

Writing is my passion, I always wanted to express my thoughts on surrounding and beneficial encounters.

On the off chance that my writing can affect a solitary individual's life, it would be my most prominent accomplishment.

In the event that you don't grow your psyche, by what method will you comprehend the structure others are living in? What characterizes you? Your road address? It is just transitory.

Why do we generally associate everything with money? 

I don't deny the importance of money here, money is indispensable, yet it doesn't imply that we have to overlook ourselves while acquiring money. We have only one life, whatever you want to do, do it. It gives you fulfillment.

joy can never originate from outside upgrades. There is no individual, no physical article and no measure of acclaim that can give you euphoria.

Following your passion gives you inner peace, and writing is my passion.

I don't write for money, I write for myself because it reminds me who I am. 

Writing gives me internal harmony.

In my mind, the dots always connect.


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