If you are alive, it means you are optimistic about tomorrow. If you are optimistic, it means you are POSITIVE.
                                                 Sourabh Didwania

Whenever negative thoughts surround you, destiny doesn't favor you, just keep one thing in mind, "None of us can get out of this life unscathed."

Few of us might be lucky, who only experience a few deep wounds.

Instead of worrying about what you can't control, shift your energy to what you can creat.

                                                     Roy T. Bennett

Each adversity comes with lots of opportunities, we just need to keep ourselves positive and try to reap maximum benefits from these opportunities.

But it's hard to find the motivation to focus on positive when positivity seems like nothing more than wishful thinking.

As we know, every problem has a solution so here are some ways to stay positive, so let's start :


Definition of faith for a religious person is belief and confidence in almighty. Offering prayer to god is like meditation for them because it keeps them away from all the negativity and wrongdoings, and gives encouragement and comfort during stressful situations.

For a believer, God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.

The Gita says throughout our life journey the supreme power accompanies us as guide, philosopher, witness, controller and friend.

People can have their own versions of faith,
But by any means, faith is one of the most powerful stimulator of positivity.

Creative Hobbies :

To your consternation, it is very difficult to manifest your creativity.

But your creativity will extract positivity, which you think, has been buried in dark, but actually it has been planted.

Tranquil Places :

No matter what your problems are, you can come to the ocean and dissolve them.

You must be thinking, how tranquil places will bring positivity into your life ?

Yes you are absolutely right, just wandering the tranquil place won't give you positivity, but it will give you calmness of mind, and a calm mind will lead you towards solution to your problems.

Once you sink into contemplation, it means you are heading towards positivity.

Rejuvenate yourself:


Take a break : Take a break and walk away from your stressful situations. Stepping away can help clear your mind so that you can refocus and approach any issue from a new angle.

Yoga (Pranayam) : As you exhale imagine you are releasing all the negativity from your mind and body. With each intake of breath, imagine you are ingesting positivity.

Disconnect : Stay away from all of your gadgets
for few hours or few days. It will keep you away from all of your distractions and will allow you some time to think about yourself.

Silver lining :

"Every cloud has a silver lining."

No matter what how bad a situation might seem, there is always has some good aspect to it.

Maybe getting fired from your job was just the kick you needed to finally start your own business.

Your Brain :

Buddha said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” 

Our mind controls our entire body, your thoughts dictate who you become so try to control your mind in positive manner.

There are several other ways to keep oneself positive but writing and reading of solutions is not enough, one needs to sincerely follow these steps. 

And one more thing :

These step are SIMPLE but not EASY.


  1. Simple, But not Easy. Absolutely correct yaar... The steps you have mentioned are looking very simple to the ordinary people or to those who don't have much to struggle but the person who is facing the real trouble it seems very difficult for him to cope up with the situation he is facing and in that tense condition it is not easy to maintain a positive and calm life.
    Many People end their life in their darkest part of life but I am of the opinion those darkest part will surely shine our future if we follow the above mentioned steps because there is a say in Hindi "Jaan hai to Jahan hai" and to live one must have to follow those steps in their dark days. The more one struggle the more one get the reward. So whenever one feel that nothing is going right in his/her life just smile and say "All is Well" and start fighting with your odds.
    - Manish Mathur


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