Little Stations of Ecstasy

I often visit small, empty railway station in my vicinity which allows me to think about the world in a broader way.

These places may change your perspective on life. You may be running after unrealistic goals, enormous happiness, however places like this may make you realize the value of little things in life.

You won't find a throng of travellers on these small railway stations, yet trains full of passengers pass through these stations every day.

These stations resemble little delightful snapshots of our life which we generally ignore in pursuit of our large happiness.

These stations manifest a true picture of our surroundings. As trains, loaded with travelers, don't stop or disregard these stations so as to arrive at its fundamental goal, similarly, we ignore delightful little moments of life while pursuing our dreams.

One thing we must learn from these stations is that "the show must go on."

Irrespective of ignorance these stations are there for it's few users.

The thing which I have discovered that these stations could be empty and small, yet these places play a major role to guide you to your destination, similarly, small happy moments could lead you towards your ecstasy.

We should not ignore the importance of little things in our life as life gets complex in constant pursuit of large happiness and we never know when these small things can transform into colossal bliss.

It is like making a garland of flowers. The garland is strung on a thread. The thread is not visible, it is in the flowers, but it joins flower to another.

Small happy moments are like thread which is not visible as it gets dazzled by the lustre of large happiness.

One must learn the art of maximizing on the minimum.

In life, it is not the quantity of experience but the quality of experience that counts.

For Little Things :

I may very well be a drop in the sea, yet I have my very own significance.


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