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The world within

The prosperity of the outer world relies upon the consideration of the inner world.                                                                             S.D. We live in two worlds, the outer world and the inner world. We spend most of our life in making our outer world better. In the outer world, we always try to create our own identity. With our every movement we try to make our outer world more glamorous. We all are so obsessed with our outer world that we let the outer world dictates our all activities. The outer world keeps us so occupied that the inner world remains largely unknown. But it is the inner world that dictates our all activities, our behaviour, our happiness and sorrow. Whenever we face failure in our outer world, we typically end up broken, but it's not failure which causes that broken feeling, it's all because of our dormant inner world. Our inner world needs nourishment from time to time. To nourish our inner world is

Yes, I do

                      If you are making mistakes, you have enough daring to come upfront with your skills.                                                   Sourabh Didwania Making mistakes is not a crime, but ignoring them is a sin. Mistakes are nothing but the process of development and growth. We should keep one thing in our mind while giving a shot to our efforts, "no one's perfect in this world". If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.                                                       Thomas Edison Making mistakes is a normal part of life. Accepting your mistakes and taking responsibility is a great way to learn things. Here are some misconceptions about the mistakes and handy tips to deal with it : You are not your mistake... When you make mistakes, keep in mind that it doesn't mean anything about who you are as a person. Try not to jump to any conclusion about your worth or

I write for myself

Ordinarily, a couple of inquiries consistently float around me like for what reason did I start writing the blog? I have been asked such a significant number of time to whom you are writing for? For a newspaper or for a magazine or you are a freelancer. How much money do you earn from your blog? For what reason should I write for others when I am so enthusiastic about the world inside my mind. Writing is my passion, I always wanted to express my thoughts on surrounding and beneficial encounters. On the off chance that my writing can affect a solitary individual's life, it would be my most prominent accomplishment. In the event that you don't grow your psyche, by what method will you comprehend the structure others are living in? What characterizes you? Your road address? It is just transitory. Why do we generally associate everything with money?  I don't deny the importance of money here, money is indispensable, yet it doesn't imply that we have to

Little Stations of Ecstasy

I often visit small, empty railway station in my vicinity which allows me to think about the world in a broader way. These places may change your perspective on life. You may be running after unrealistic goals, enormous happiness, however places like this may make you realize the value of little things in life. You won't find a throng of travellers on these small railway stations, yet trains full of passengers pass through these stations every day. These stations resemble little delightful snapshots of our life which we generally ignore in pursuit of our large happiness. These stations manifest a true picture of our surroundings. As trains, loaded with travelers, don't stop or disregard these stations so as to arrive at its fundamental goal, similarly, we ignore delightful little moments of life while pursuing our dreams. One thing we must learn from these stations is that "the show must go on." Irrespective of ignorance these stations are there for


If you are alive, it means you are optimistic about tomorrow. If you are optimistic, it means you are POSITIVE.                                                   Sourabh  Didwania Whenever negative thoughts surround you, destiny doesn't favor you, just keep one thing in mind, "None of us can get out of this life unscathed." Few of us might be lucky, who only experience a few deep wounds. Instead of worrying about what you can't control, shift your energy to what you can creat.                                                      Roy T. Bennett Each adversity comes with lots of opportunities, we just need to keep ourselves positive and try to reap maximum benefits from these opportunities. But it's hard to find the motivation to focus on positive when positivity seems like nothing more than wishful thinking. As we know, every problem has a solution so here are some ways to stay positive, so let's start : Faith : Definition of faith for a